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Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

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twogether in Texas

Welcome to "twogether in TEXAS"

Holy Trinity's Premarital Counseling Program Recognized by ANTHEM 

The premarital counseling program at Holy Trinity (Marriage Savers/FOCCUS) has a proven track record of preparing couples for marriage by providing them with the essential tools and communication skills to effectively deal with the challenges that most frequently result in divorce.  It also helps couples for whom marriage may not be a suitable choice to discern that before they make their decision.  It is holistic in its approach, addressing the behavioral, emotional, financial and spiritual issues that can create conflict in a relationship.        

Couples will be asked to (1) refrain from sexual contact, (2) regularly attend worship services and (3) engage in all scheduled counseling sessions which can take from 4 to 6 months to complete.  Why abstinence?  With sex being such a profound means of communication, we take that out of the mix so it won't drown out the communication and discussions you need to have. Why attend worship? You are about to engage in a sacrament of the church.  This provides you a context to better understand the covenant relationship in which you hope to engage. If you are not a member of the parish, you are welcome to worship with us or you can attend the church of your choice. Why so long?  How long do you want to be married?  A six month investment of time seems a small enough price to pay for the improved chance for a successful and life long relationship.

This program is a prerequisite for any couple desiring to be married at Holy Trinity.  Persons who are not members of the parish may enroll in the program.  Contact the church office to set up an appointment.  There is no fee.

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