Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

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Ministry in support of Patriot Paws

Welcome to our minstry in support of Patriot Paws

                                    Holy Trinity sponsors the training of service dogs to support disabled veterans through the efforts of Patriot Paws, a 501 (c) (3) organization operating in Rockwall Texas. Patriot Paws puts these execptional animals through  rigorous training for nearly 2 years.  It costs around 35 dollars per day to train one of these dogs which can amount to thousands of dollars over the course of their training.  Even so, the dogs are given away free of charge to deserving veterans. If you would like to "adopt" a day of training for an assistance dog, would like to learn more about our fundraising activities, or might even consider volunteering as a puppy parent, contact the church office for more information or visit: http://patriotpaws.org.       

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