Gypsy Quilters

The Gypsy Quilters meet on Wednesdays in Memorial Hall from 9:15 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. and have been doing so for almost 4 years. They generally have an average of 18 ladies each Wednesday. They have grown as have their skills and charity giving.
  • For the first 2 years, they made and supplied the EYC with quilts to take on their mission trips.
  • They have sent quilts and supplies to the victims of the Paradise CA fires.
  • They have made blocks to be made into quilts for the victims of shootings in El Paso.
  • They have made Quilts of Valor for our military veterans and will continue to do that.
  • They made quilts to outfit the Veterans Home at Patriot Paws. One of the founding Members, Leslie Rose makes small quilts to be given to the Patriot Paws dogs at the graduation of placement with their veterans. Patriot Paws has even named a puppy for them.
  • They also delivered quilts to the Dallas V A Centers' Spinal Cord Injury Unit and are sending 30 quilts to the Dallas V A Center's Continuing Life Center.
  • They made quilted placemats for Meals on Wheels to be given out during the Holiday Season.
  • They gave Holy Trinity quilts to be auctioned off at the Fish Fry and Octoberfest dinners and hope the winners were excited to win. They will have quilts ready to be auctioned off again.
  • They have some ladies who don't sew but do crochet and knit and they also contribute their lovely handwork.
  • They make bibs and fidget pads for long-term and memory care patients.

For more info contact: Diane Fisher
rev. 2023-06-02